Information Technologies Guide – Graphic Design Resources

Extraction Utilities & Virus Protection
Extraction utilities establish both a command file as well as a group of associated files of data. Virus protection relates to software and programs that keep your computer safe against viruses on the Internet.

Web Graphics and Other Sights
Web graphics are all the content you see on any given web page and website. These are all the things that make you marvel at certain lighting, text effects and reflection on a web page.

  • World Wide Web Consortium: Gives basic information comparing different formats of web graphics, especially integration between XML and HTML.

Web Tools
Web tools are tools whose main purpose it is to allow users to better optimize and search websites. They also prove instrumental in probing the Internet and developing websites.


Color Selection Guide (Web Colors)
Web colors are colors employed in the design of websites and also the means of both specifying and describing those colors. Basically, they are the total palette of colors that you see displayed on the web.


Optimizing Web Graphics
The main benefit of optimizing web graphics is that it will make the downloading times of web pages all the faster. This will result in less frustration on the part of visitors to websites.

  • Web Reference: Detailed walkthrough of all the aspects involved with optimizing web graphics. Very long in length to read, but worth it to understand the concept.
  • All Things Web: A very friendly introduction to optimizing web graphics. Very non-technical, which is sure to make it understandable to more people.


Another term for fonts is web typography, and there was no way to change web fonts until 1995 when the Netscape company presented the font tag in that year. Since then, other Internet browsers have included font downloading options in their releases.

  • Lyndon State College: Very thorough guide to fonts and all that you can do with them. Provides numerous examples for greater understanding.
  • MIT: Gives visitors a list of all the safe fonts that are available for use on the Internet. Talks briefly about each particular safe font.
  • University of North Carolina: Specifically discusses type of font called IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). Goes on to describe what IPA fonts are in detail.
  • Association for Insight Meditation: Provides a long list of special fonts that were created by the association itself. Also includes updates on each type of font.


Image Viewers, Icon Viewers
Image Viewers allow for many kinds of manipulations to be done on web images. This includes organizing, renaming, moving and copying images.

  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory: List of programs that are available for people who enjoy looking at astronomical images on their computers. They are available for Windows, Unix and Macintosh.
  • The Geometry Center: Site that provides a good selection of different image viewers to handle the many kinds of images that exist on the Internet.
  • University of Nevada, Reno: Overview of the kinds of image file formats that exist. Also educates visitors on the kinds of image viewers available.
  • Faststone: Showcases a short list of different image viewers that it makes and which work across the latest operating systems from Microsoft.


Sound and Flash
A multimedia platform, flash is utilized to add interactivity in the form of animation and video to web pages. A main use for flash is for games and advertisements.

  • Educational Technology Clearinghouse: Describes the uses of different kinds of Adobe programs, one of which is for flash applications.
  • The Diem Project: Talks about the Flow Player Plugin that allows people to experience sound, flash and video medias. Includes instructions on how to install Player.
  • University of Minnesota, Duluth: Major resource of articles that discuss flash in great detail. Good for those looking to design web pages.

HTML Editors and Validation Tools

HTML editors are software applications that create web pages. Validation tools are computer programs employed to check the validity of some document or code.

  • Delhi State University of New York: Talks about an HTML editor and all the possibilities you have in using it. Includes detailed instructions and also diagrams.
  • The University of Arizona: Discusses how to use different features of an HTML editor. Includes helpful screen shots to make explanation easier to understand.


Webmistress References
A webmistress (female version of webmaster) keeps a website running. Popular references for webmistresses include the HTML 3.2 (Wilbur) Reference, the HTML 4.0 Reference, and a Character Set Overview, just to name some.

  • Florida State University: Provides an element list for the XHTML 1.1 attribute reference.
  • HTML Help: Reference site for webmistresses that includes a list of tools and web authoring references. Also comes with an FAQ.
  • Webmaster Resources: Website established to help people design their own websites effectively. Run by a webmaster from India.


Web Programming: CGI, Java
Web programming is an expansive term for work that includes developing a website. This definition can include web design, network security configuration, and web content development.

  • NASA Worldwind: Web page that exists to give visitors access to a number of Java applications around the world.
  • NOAA National Weather Service: List of Java tools that can be used to track and analyze the weather.
  • FDA: Explanation on how to properly send files to the FDA using their web interface. This requires the download of Java’s Sun plug-in files.


Web Design Downloads and Style Guidelines
When building a website, it is advisable to design it as attractively as possible, in order to draw more visitors to it. There are different styles available from which to choose, for the purpose of making a website more attractive.

  • Windweaver: Extensive web design resource that features style guidelines and graphics. There are many links provided for more reading.
  • Builder Au: Amazing resource for the creation of new websites. Also includes news articles on all things related to technology.
  • Open Source Web Design: Great resource of free web designs that are available for downloading. Excellent opportunity for those starting websites.


Books and Tutorials
Helpful tomes and the like that give advice and guidance on how to build a website. This also includes a list of stores to buy books and tutorials.

  • Lightlink Web Design Books: List of books to help people looking to build websites. Also provides prices and shipping estimates.
  • Powell’s: Technical bookstore operating out of Portland, Oregon. Good source of web design books.
  • Data Design SB: Resource that lists a wealth of online bookstores. Good starting points to find books about web design.