K-12 Online Educational Games

The vast majority of kids love to learn. If a child doesn’t seem involved in learning, it’s up to the child’s parents and teachers to help make learning fun. Having fun while learning instills a love for learning that will stay with the child while growing up. Every child is unique and learns through different methods. Depending upon the child’s method of learning, look for games that would interest the child, and that the child would adapt to quickly. This will help a child grow and learn more quickly.

Below is a list of resources for educational games. The resources include learning about school subjects, such as math, science, English and history. Other resources include a variety of unique games that provide educational information about everyday learning, while having a lot of fun. The games provided are for all age groups, some are dedicated to young children, or older children and the rest are for all ages.

Educational Games

Learning Games for Kids: Math, typing, and other educational games.

PBS Games: A variety of games for young children.

Top Games: Word, math, and preschool games.

Fun Brain Activities: Books, activities, games and comics for all ages.

Top 10 Games: Top games for kids, and word searches too.

Primary Games: 100 top games for kids of all ages.

Play Kids Games: Preschool, alphabet, memory, and other games including math.

Fun Learning Games: Educational games that challenge the mind.

ABC Educational Leader Games: Entertaining games for children in grades kindergarten to fifth grade.

Make Learning Fun: A website dedicated to quizzes, activities, games and articles about fun learning.

Educational Games: Rated educational games for kids.

Just Kids Games: Games to teach kids about math, reading, science and the world around them.

Keyboarding Skills are Vital: Teaches children important keyboarding skills.

Math Games for Kids: Kindergarten to grade five level games that teach addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Preschool Learning Games: A site dedicated to preschool learning.

Ages 6 to 10 Games and Activities: A bunch of different games for children aged 6 to 10.

Kindergarten Through 12th Grade Learning: Videos, games and activities for all ages, and all subjects.

Educational Games for Kids: A resourceful website filled with activities and games.

Kinderweb Educational Children’s Games: Time telling games, color sorting, math, money values and learning letters and number can be found at Kinderweb.

More Kids Games: Educational games for ages 3 to 7.

Kids Games: Games for kids ages 5 and up. Requires kids to have keyboarding skills to play.

Manufacturing is Cool: This site is dedicated to kids who have interest in manufacturing and engineering.

Primary Kids Education Site: Room 108 offers educational games for kids and resources for teachers.

Totally Free Children’s Learning Network: Offers over 500 different educational games.

Educational Number Games: Number website that teaches kids all about numbers, including subtraction, multiplication, division, and addition.

San Diego Zoo Games: Fun games for kids that also teaches about animals.

Money Games: Games that involve teaching financial literacy.

Learning Plant Games: Back to school daily games.

Online Games for Kids and Teens: Games that range from simple to challenging for all ages.

Preschool and Kids Games: Games categorized by theme for preschoolers.

Games: A large list of games that provide unique learning adventures. Not the typical learning topics.

Geography Educational Games: Educational games categorized by geography.

Kinder Site Games: Games for ages 2 to 8.

Learning to Read Games: Phonics to teach young children the foundation of reading.

Pest Games: Learn and teach about pests.

Resource Site for Kids, Parents and Teachers: This website features puzzles, coloring, and holiday fun activities.

Learning to Spell: Spelling games for all different levels.

Fun Games at Nicoland: Interactive games for ages 6 to 12 teaching various subjects and languages.

New Math Games: Learn all about math through fun interactive games.

Learning Syllables: Games that teach syllables to build a better vocabulary.

Sesame Street Games: Preschool games that teach the alphabet.

Games by Subject: Games that build skills.

Scholastic Games: A variety of games that including writing and using the imagination.

Free Games for Kids: Play and learn while playing these online free games, including hangman, memory and math-worm.

Fun Learning Activities and Games: Games and resources provided by government sites.

Fun and Educational Games: Educational games that can be played against friends.

School Time Games: Subject games that provide information kids learn at school.

Tvo Kids Games: Kids ages 2 to 5 educational games.

Math and Other Subjects Games: A large list of math games, and other games by subject.

Quiz Hub: Educational game quizzes for kids in grades kindergarten to 12 th grade.